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James Thomas Gorman

January 18, 1948 - June 12, 2015

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From time to time, I recall with gratitude the career boosting opportunity Jim provided by hiring me at Diadora America as the CFO. A true leap of faith on his part which I enjoyed while he was CEO. Working with Jim and my other colleagues at Diadora was an amazing adventure during exciting times. Through my journey with him, I shared the ups and downs of working in a subsidiary organization...he was driven to make Diadora a household name in the US. We had a time pushing the snowball up the hill...He was always the optimistic expecting the best outcome. I learned greatly from him and his leadership. He is fondly remembered and glad to have spent time with a sports industry giant!

Posted by Paul L. Shillam on October 7, 2022

AnneMarie and family: Our warmest prayers are with you. Jim was such a special person; he was so unassuming and quiet but so impactful and noticed for his kindness and care, especially all his support for the Brain Science Foundation. Thank you . Diane

Posted by Diane Coletti on June 19, 2015

Anne Marie, I have not yet had the opportunity to meet you, but feel I know you because of my relationship with Jim. He spoke so affectionately about you, your patience, kindness and his sincere love for you. He was a man that I will admire until the day I die. He treated everyone with respect and kindness, even if undeserved. I honestly did not realize how much I was in the presence of a legend until his going away party with his footwear group. He was a humble man. I pray for and wish you and the family a peace that passes all understanding in this time of grief. One can only hope that their life has impacted as many as Jim did. Sincerely Curtis Lind

Posted by Curtis Lind on June 18, 2015

Jim, When I think of you now, the first image that pops into my head is a memory of you rushing to open the door of a van transporting a team of office staff to a factory somewhere in Vietnam. You were the “esteemed” Vice President but you treated everybody with kindness and respect. My next thought was of the day I first met you. “The B.R.S. man came by.”, I had noted in my running diary on March 17, 1972. After showing the track team the new shoes you were selling, you pulled me to the side, opened the door to your van and gave me a pair of free shoes. Since you left us last Friday I have struggled trying to encapsulate 67 amazing years of life into a few paragraphs. But now, reading all of the tributes that have been rolling in, it seems obvious. Jim Gorman spent a life opening doors. You opened one for me when I was a skinny kid from NE Portland who you knew couldn’t afford a pair of the shoes you were selling. You opened one for me when you put me to work in the store on 47th and Hawthorne. We mostly played basketball in the warehouse. We’d play to 10. You’d spot me 9. I’d lose. Bob won once when he threw up a prayer and true to your word you gave him a track suit. Something from the returns bin, I’m sure, but always appreciated. You continued to open doors for me and Beth over the next 40 years, only occasionally chiding me if I was being a “chump”…the worst thing I ever heard you call anybody. There are so many stories like mine of people you opened doors for. I suspect people will tire of reading them but for those of us lucky enough to have passed through we will never tire of telling them. Now you are in a place free from the terrible pain that enveloped you these past few months. I like to imagine that the CEO up there was holding the doors wide open for your triumphant entry. I’ve just one more favor to ask. If Anne Marie had found some steel-toed boots in your closet I’d have recommended those for your final journey. As it was we settled for a nice pair of Cole Haans. I hope they won’t get scuffed but someday I may need you to stick your foot in the door and keep it open long enough for me to squeeze through and join you. For now, take those off, slip on some Finland Blues, and go enjoy a run with Geoff. And relax. Where you are the midsole probably won’t even delam.

Posted by Dan Fulton on June 18, 2015

Jim was a positive influence and force of inspiration to many-both inside and outside of the Footwear industry. A leader, a teacher, a mentor and a friend to many, while an inspiration to us all. I was fortunate to have worked for Jim for the last five years at Columbia after having heard of the legend of Jim for many years while at Nike before that. I am honored and grateful to have had that time with Jim. I will never forget the kindness, patience, resilience, boundless energy and enthusiasm that he always brought to those he worked with. His sense of respect towards others, consideration and the high degree of integrity that he carried in all that he did was much appreciated by all that he worked with or befriended. I am thankful to Jim for all that he did for myself those around him. Being the gentleman that he was, he always put others before himself and truly made the world a better place. Anne Marie and Family- my heartfelt condolences to you. Jim played a significant role in the lives of many and his loss will be felt just as significantly. Sincerely, David

Posted by David Lynch on June 18, 2015

Jim and I graduated from Pendleton High School in 1966. I hadn’t known him well since we competed in different sports and had different classes during the year and a half he was there. Then he was my closest friend and roommate our first two years at UO. I got to know him well and admired his ability to overcome adversity through hard work and determination in many areas during those two years and those that followed. I never saw him give less than his very best at every endeavor – track, class work, work study, career, etc. - whatever he encountered. I know how dearly he wanted to be a miler at Oregon but Bowerman insisted he wasn’t fast enough and only allowed him to train for the steeplechase. Jim chafed at that but it never affected the effort he put into his training program. He was a gem. His high school track coach told me that “Jim ran the absolute best half- mile/mile double he had ever seen by a high-schooler” in the Hayward Relays. He was all heart and guts. I have so many wonderful memories of our times together. I won’t ever forget them and enjoy telling them to whoever will listen. I pray that Jim’s family will cherish their memories and take comfort from them as I have. God bless you all. Roger Schiewe A Friend and Admirer

Posted by Roger Schiewe on June 17, 2015

Jim posessed the rarest combination of brilliance, competitiveness, and compassion that I have EVER seen. He was an incredibly modest guy, a soft talker who made you lean forward to make sure you didn't miss his great words. I was fortunate to work with Jim at Diadora and watched him bring Nate into to business world. Nate, you learned from the greatest!

Posted by Paul Fisher on June 16, 2015

It was our pleasure working as a vendor with Jim (as well as Nate) while he was at the helm of Diadora America. He was a professional as well as a gentleman...one that sets a fine example for those of us who were privileged to encounter. We wish his family our very best.

Posted by Frank Carter & Jeri Bates on June 16, 2015

The true character of a man is seen in the positive impact on others, while he is with us and after. Jim's impact on others is countless. We are all better people having met him and that is the greatest legacy one can have. Jim we will miss you but your legacy of making us all better people will last forever.

Posted by Rich Cawley on June 16, 2015

My thoughts and prayers go to Jim's family and legion of friends. I worked at Nike, but didn't get to know Jim until I was doing some contract work at Columbia Sportswear. We were colleagues working together on Columbia's Global Business Transformation initiative. Jim was an outstanding and very collaborative business partner. It was a great pleasure for me to get to know him and work together. And of course now I also learn how extremely modest he was as well. I had no idea of his being a track star and sub four minute miler, at the U of O until reading his obituary. Just an another great example of why people think so highly of him. Peter Wallmark

Posted by Peter Wallmark on June 16, 2015

Ann Marie and family, we are very sorry for the loss of Jim. He was one of the nicest people to have the pleasure of doing business with. He is truly one of the "good guys." Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Regards, Jeffrey Mushnick

Posted by Jeffrey Mushnick/Medway Oil & Propane on June 16, 2015

Jim was such a kind man to me when I was at Columbia and he always took the time to talk to all the teams and remembered our names! he will be missed as both a great person and an amazing mentor and leader. May he rest in peace and always be remembered .

Posted by Vivi Griffiths on June 16, 2015

So sorry to hear that Jim is gone. My deepest sympathy to his family. He was a great guy and a pleasure to work with at Columbia!

Posted by Jackie Bollinger on June 16, 2015

Hi Jim, I had very fond memory of our direct contact, although short, but focused. You left me the impression of a kind and seasoned professional. As I learn more about your legendary accomplishment, I appreciate more the humble and great nature in you. You will be missed and remembered.

Posted by Charles Sit on June 16, 2015

Hi, Jim, Our beloved Legal representative,a good boss, devoted person, numerous signature from you.So many thanks to you! Hope everything goes well with you! Miss you forever. Sincerely Eunice Liang

Posted by Eunice Liang on June 16, 2015

I've personally never had the pleasure of meeting Jim but reading all these wonderful words from all of his loved ones goes to show how much of a great man he was & how much of an impression he has left on all of us. Jim was appreciated & looked up to by many. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten. From Columbia & Sorel in NYC, we all virtually send our love & hugs out to everyone. Jim continue to look over us in those beautiful blue skies my friend.

Posted by Kelley Rivadeneira on June 15, 2015

I was honored to meet the legendary Jim Gorman three years ago. I had worked for years with others who had been privileged to work with him over his many years in the footwear industry. It was such a pleasure to finally meet and work with the great man. My deepest condolences to his family.

Posted by Shelly Gourlay on June 15, 2015

Jim Gorman was a legend I was honored to meet three years ago. What a legacy of excellence and compassion. My deepest condolences to his family.

Posted by Shelly Gourlay on June 15, 2015

I am honored to have worked with Jim and to have been blessed by his friendship. His positive nature, grateful spirit and never-ending faith has forever changed my life. I will greatly miss my friend, but am comforted in knowing that his guidance and support has enriched my life. With caring thoughts, Nancy

Posted by Nancy Hernandez on June 15, 2015

Jim... The King of Shoe Dogs! Nothing ever stopped him and nothing ever will! Keep running hard, Keep running long, Keep running high and now fly first class! You're always in my heart! You're the best Jim! "Fun & Games!" Love you Anne Marie! Your crazy Mormon friend, Dube's

Posted by Mark Dube on June 15, 2015

I was very lucky to have worked side by side with Jim over the last 6 years, he was my mentor and while he taught me a lot about my work he taught me even more about being a human being. Jim was the Consummate gentleman, even when others didn't treat him as they should he was respectful and always had a kind word to say in any given situation. I traveled and worked with Jim and he was always there for both myself and my team. He had the respect of all the factory owners that we worked with as well as all he came in contact with. I know my life and my families life is richer for having known him and worked with him. I will always remember him being bigger than life, enjoying everything that he did and always giving his best. To say I miss him is an understatement.Thank you Jim for being a part of my life and for teaching me all the things you did.

Posted by Kevin Newton on June 15, 2015

Jim was a wonderful sportsman and respectably leader to our Asia Footwaer manufacturing team. He was very friendly and nice and a true gentlemen. There were a lot wonderful and fun memories when he traveled to Zhuhai China. When I visited CSC home office in PDX, he walked me through building G. Jim will be remembered in my heart! Maybe - he will run in heaven.

Posted by Donna Xu on June 15, 2015

Anne Marie and Family, We are so sorry for your loss and we will never forget what a wonderful person that Jim was. So kind and giving! Our prayers and thoughts are with you all. Lot's of love, Debbie and Richard ByrneE

Posted by Debra and Rich Byrne on June 15, 2015

The world was a better place with Jim in it! Soft spoken, kind, gentle, intelligent, interesting, loving & giving ... what a beautiful soul. Jim will be missed more than words can express. Sending peace, love and healing thoughts to Anne Marie, Nate, Jered & Andrew.

Posted by Laurie Williams on June 15, 2015

Such an accomplished man. Yet I knew you as chef at your house, sous chef at mine, "fur dad" to Jake, Lily, and Lacey, husband to my dearest friend Ann Marie, painter and mulch shoveler to Michael, supporter to Andrew, donor to my charities, always a smile, always gentle and kind, and always a friend. I miss you. Ruth

Posted by Ruth Gorman on June 15, 2015

Jim, I remembered that you discussed the heavy Carribou with us together when you came to Zhuhai office first time, and in the past whenever we talked new ideas with you, you're so insightful and inspirational. when I visited PDX, I was invited by you to have Sichuan food together with the team, frankly, the food is too spicy but it spurred my gratitude to great Coloumbia family...you will be missed by the team all the time!

Posted by George Wei on June 15, 2015

Hi Jim, I feel very sad, like I lost a part of me, you are good boss and kindly person as well as excellent coach, I remembered time when you visited China always gave us pleasure and support us! Wherever you are, you were kind of diligent honest and selfless dedication, is worthy of our learning and remembering. We should turn grief into strength, Study and hard work, again to complete the projects you expecting continuing to soothe you soul Jim. sincerely Harley He

Posted by Harley He on June 15, 2015

Mr. Jim Gorman is our most respectful leader, predecessor and friend in this industry. Whenever we travelled in PDX, he always tried to squeeze time to take good care of us, just like our uncle or father there. Whenever we met him, he recommended good books to read, especially about China...We were still anticipating his next visit to Asia...Jim, rest in peace and take care in the other world. You will be missed, for sure. What I can do is not to let you down, thank you so much for your trust and motivation in the past years. Thank you, thank you, thank you...Namo Amitabha

Posted by Emer Xi on June 15, 2015